Letter: Smith has a purpose

Ms. Sharetta Smith and I have a lot in common. Not only did we both grow up on the South end of Lima and achieve the expert-level of education in our respective fields, but we share another common bond. We both had a desire to return to our hometown, Lima, to improve our community and to serve others.

When I think of home (Lima), I think of the four C’s: community, commerce, culture, and collaboration. Ms. Smith has displayed these four tenants in her daily connections. She supports the Lima community by listening to its members and relates to their concerns while seeking ways to fulfill their needs and their dreams. She assists commerce in Lima through engagement with its stakeholders and the current constructs, but at the same time she has proposed fresh, new ideas that will contribute to the continued growth and development of our community. Ms. Smith promotes our unique culture and encourages others to explore the various cultural-specific opportunities that Lima has to offer. In addition, she fosters collaboration by supporting established relationships and facilitates the willingness to develop new ones. These are all actions and ingredients necessary to progress Lima in the next season all while respecting the traditions and legacy that our community has been known for.

Ms. Smith understands this formula, and she has clearly communicated why she should be the candidate to lead, not only on day one, but into the next season of growth for our Lima community. Many are called, but the chosen are few. Ms. Sharetta Smith is my choice for our next mayor of Lima, Ohio- a town that we both love!

Dr. LaShonda (Horrison) Gurley

Lima, Ohio


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