Letter: Cridersville levy matters

Tthe Village Council of Cridersville is asking voters to approve a half-percent income tax increase, the first income tax increase since 2004. As a Cridersville resident, who also works in the village, I believe our police department plays a vital role in our community. Cridersville is a growing community and a small increase in the village income tax is needed.

The income tax increase will generate an additional $180,000 per year. If the Village would contract for weekend only coverage from the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Department, this would cost $150,000 per year. Police calls do not only happen on the weekend, nor do criminals care about the day of the week. It is important that we have a full time schedule of officers – ready to respond quickly to calls.

I think a large part of our feeling secure, is the commitment that your police department has for each citizen, business owner and visitor. This issue will undoubtedly shape the future of the Village of Cridersville. On May 4, please vote Yes for the Cridersville Policy Levy. Keep our Police strong!

Angie Maynard

Cridersville Police Levy-Citizens Committee


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