Letter: Smith will be tough on crime

The Lima News quoted Sharetta Smith regarding her commitment to “safer streets, supporting our police, and making sure that our communities are safe.”

If we want to decrease crime in our city, Sharetta Smith is the best choice for mayor. These are the reasons:

1. As a Lima-born candidate, she knows our city and its problems and is committed to making her home town safe for every one of us.

2. Serving as Dave Berger’s chief of staff, she has worked with all facets of our city government, including our law enforcement agencies. She knows the system!

3. She recognizes the root causes of criminal activity: poverty, no jobs or job training, hopelessness, drug addiction, dysfunctional family relationships, mental health problems. She has already taken steps to address these problems.

4. As a former public defender and magistrate she has hands-on experience dealing with crime and its effects.

No other candidate has this experience or these qualifications. Vote for Sharetta!

John Paul Christoff



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