Letter: Smith sees what downtown can be

Pretend that you are looking for a place to live or start a business. You are looking at two locations. They both have all the basic services you need. But one location has posters announcing musicians performing locally. It also has coffee houses, poetry readings, and local theaters with live performances. The downtown is vibrant with young people mixing with people of all ages. The other has offices and buildings while lacking the sources of beauty and imagination. Where would you want to live or start a business?

Sharetta Smith recognizes and celebrates the fact that downtown Lima is emerging as a center for arts, entertainment, education, and business. She knows that the arts and thriving business are connected.

Sharetta recognizes, supports, and promotes the importance of the arts. She recognizes that the arts: music, literature, poetry, plays, musicals, and paintings enrich and grow not only individuals but also enrich and grow towns and businesses. She has detailed plans for assisting artists with education and housing. Sharetta has worked to connect artists with one another and with resources and ideas to move forward. She is also active in the community garden program that has been ongoing with Active Allen County and Mercy Health. The arts are not only seen and heard but often consumed and always enjoyed. We have a great opportunity to elect a true leader and visionary to lead our city into a new and prosperous future. Lets do it. Join me in voting for Sharetta Smith for Mayor of Lima.

Tawnya Rae Neal,



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