Letter: Dirty politics in may0r’s race

An interesting thing happened on the way to Wednesday’s mayoral forum. Three of the Candidates did not attend. The statement by Autumn Swanson’s campaign indicateing that the forum was set up by members of Sharetta Smith’s campaign who were part of the team organizing the debate’s structure and questions could explain the reluctance of the other candidates to attend.

How surprising that such a thing would happen. Ever since Ms. Smith was appointed Chief Of Staff in the Berger Administration (a totally made up job to get her name recognition) it has been obvious that the power structure that has kept Berger in office for much too long was not going to give up its stranglehold on the city easily.

In spite of the Berger Administrations’ bragging about their record in economic development, you only have to look south to Wapakoneta, north to Findlay, or west to cities in Indiana to see the jobs that have gone to other areas instead of Lima.

It is also obvious that the local Democratic Party does not want to lose control of the mayor’s office in spite of the (laughable) requirement that the office is non-partisan. The union endorsements and the lawsuit brought by Democrat operatives makes it clear that politics are front and center in the mayor’s race.

I would suggest that voters consider Elizabeth Hardesty as a viable alternative to the power structure that has held Lima back for much too long. The vary fact that the local power structure is so afraid of her candidacy makes it clear that she is the best choice for the office.

It is time for a change. Vote for Elizabeth Hardesty.

Kenneth E. Harris



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