Letter: True leader for Lima

Some cities have mayors as figureheads, with the city government actually led by a city manager. Lima does not have this type of government. The mayor of Lima is the functioning CEO of over 400 employees. The City of Lima is one of the largest employers in the area, with an operating budget of $38 million. The city has seven departments: Police, fire, finance, community development, public works, human resources and utilities.

The water we drink, the roads we drive on, the quality of the buildings in our downtown and our neighborhoods, and the safety of our community are all impacted by the way the city is run. Sharetta Smith has demonstrated through her education (law degree, MBA) and work experience (serving as a defense attorney and a magistrate and as the chief of stafffor the City of Lima) that she has the ability, determination, and imagination to lead Lima into a safer, better, brighter future.

Elizabeth Anne Eley,



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