Letter: As Lima goes, the county goes

Lima is the core of Allen County and the person who leads the city is critical to anyone of us who lives within the county.

For more than 40 years, I’ve been a resident of Bath Township. People have asked me why I don’t live in the city of Lima. When we were 20 years old, we looked for the cheapest land we could find to build a house — not because it was in the city or Bath, but it was cheap. But, I’m in the city of Lima almost daily — to shop, eat, visit. In my career I’ve worked within the city, paid taxes and volunteered there. So, given the candidacy of Elizabeth Hardesty, who has done none of those things, I have a right to express my opinion about the mayor’s race.

I’ve never met, spoken to or personally known any of the candidates. Looking purely at qualifications, education and experience — plus, and most importantly, involvement and commitment to the city — Sharetta Smith is the only candidate who measures up. Can’t vote for her, but wish I could, because what happens in Lima, effects every single one of us in Allen County.

Rochelle Dennis Twining

Bath Township


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