Letter: Medical marijuana a life extender

My wife and the love of my life, Janet Eisele (she disliked my last name) passed away. She had been fighting cancer for over 40 years, but it wasn’t the cancer that took her, it was a combination of the damage from chemotherapy, old age and a recurring pneumonia that took her at 85 years. Also it was that she only had one functioning lung by then.

Eight years previous to that, she had been sent home to die by her doctors at the James Cancer Center in Columbus. She had gone through five different (and very expensive) chemotherapy treatments. She had undergone three major surgeries to remove tumors from her lungs. She had a titanium rod inserted in her right femur. Eventually, the cancer occupied her entire left lung. We were told there was nothing else they could do for her. But together we were fighters, determined to lick this malady that had metastasized from her uterus.

When The James sent her home that last time she weighed 83 pounds. Her family traveled from California to see her alive one last time.

There were churches in three states praying for her.

In desperation, I was not going to take it all as a final answer. I began searching the internet trying to find some way to keep her with me.

What I found was a huge number of anecdotal stories about the curative and anti-cancer properties of a form of medical Marijuana called “hash oil. It was illegal both federally and in Ohio at the time.

I suppose we all could have gone to jail for what we did next. Some of her left coast family began buying Hash Oil and sending it to us. She started gaining weight. She started feeling better.

By my admissions, I may be putting myself in legal difficulties, but so what? I am 83 years old.

Martin Schultheis



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