Letter: Sharetta Smith walks the walk

Lima is lucky to have a candidate for mayor with Sharetta Smith’s qualifications. Sometimes you find the right person due to their schooling and experiences. Sometimes you find the best person due to the quality of their caring. Rarely do you find a person with experience and demonstrated caring.

I first met Sharetta when she spoke at the MLK breakfast in 2015, and in getting to know her, I believe she talks the talk, and she walks the walk. She knows what it is like to raise children when illness and college loans limit daily life. She knows what it is like to be a defender for people. She worked as a public defender. She knows the struggle to find affordable quality housing.

Sharetta also has the “formal” education and experience. Sharetta Smith has a law degree and a master’s degree in business administration. She has worked as chief of staff for the city of Lima. She has been listening and laying the groundwork for a better, brighter Lima. A city with meaningful jobs in healthcare, the arts, culinary, small business, and corporations. She is ready to lead us. I am voting Sharetta Smith, mayor of Lima, Ohio!

Jeanine Woods,



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