Letter: We need to ‘back the blue’

Brandon Stalker, Anthony Dia, Kaia Grant, James Skernivitz, and Adam McMillan. These five names all have something in common. All five people are heroes and were never recognized for it. These five police officers were tragically killed in 2020 and 2021 protecting the citizens of Ohio.

It is time to start supporting and recognizing all of the hard work done by our law enforcement. When an officer leaves his house every day for work, he tells his family how much he loves them because he doesn’t know if he will walk back through those doors at the end of the day. Police officers risk their lives everyday for us, so we can live free.

The next time you go to say something bad about the police, remember the names of these five officers that sacrificed their lives for you. I guarantee the families of these officers remember the last hug, the last kiss, and the last words of their loved ones. Officer Anthony Dia’s last words over the radio, “Tell my family I love them.”

“Protect and Serve” — the police motto — is what they live by. Officers today more than ever need our support. They need to know that how much hate they get, there are people out there who respect them and love all of the work they do for us. I encourage everyone to say “thank you”, to an officer. That one thank you could be what they need to make the hard times a little easier. Remember the names of these officers and keep their families in your prayers.

Hunter Jolliff



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