Letter: Board’s decision lacked respect

As Denny Thompson’s family, we feel compelled to speak about the circumstances surrounding the non-renewal of his contract. We are proud of Denny’s long record as a successful coach and teacher at the school he has loved since he was a student.

Denny’s non-renewal happened in an unprofessional manner and we want to make sure we advocate on behalf of all the exemplary employees in the Elida district. We believe school boards are obligated to engage in clear and ethical employment practices and encourage this community to demand our school boards do better.

Denny never had a poor performance review and the board continues to value his work as a golf coach. The only time that Denny was told the school board had considered not renewing his contract was two days before the job was posted. If the administration had a formal discussion in a timely manner with Denny about moving towards retirement, Denny would have engaged in a good faith conversation.

Dedication and loyalty are revered in community institutions, yet this school board chose to make a rushed and thoughtless decision about his contract. As a long-time employee, Denny expected the administration would be transparent in their desires and thoughtful about the amount of time required to transition out of a 35 year career.

For these reasons, we do not believe the board’s decision was executed in a proper and respectful manner. We hope our community encourages the board to treat their staff with the respect all employees deserve.

Janna Thompson, Retired Elida Teacher

Dr. Tara Strauch

Aaron Thompson

Aric Thompson


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