Letter: Help keep Shawnee schools among best

I am privileged to be a Shawnee School Board member and a proud Shawnee dad who has guided three children through our school system. I encourage you to vote for the Shawnee Schools’ 4.58 mil levy which is on your ballot.

The Shawnee School District has been a wise steward of our money and has been living within its budget since its last increase in 2004, but has now reached the point where a cost of living increase is needed to maintain our excellent student learning environment and exceptional quality teachers. This levy will allow the Shawnee schools to further invest in STEAM education, technology, professional development and mental health services to help our children succeed in today’s world.

The Shawnee School District has a long track record of excellence in education. Vote to continue that excellence. Please vote for the Shawnee Schools levy.

Jerome O’Neal,

Shawnee Township


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