Letter: Once upon a time …

Once upon

a time …

We had reasonable control of our borders, a lawful immigration policy and with this, children were not abandoned in the desert nor found floating in the Rio Grande.

We were on our way to rid ourselves of a massive killing virus due to the implementation of a Trump installed warp-speed program which produced a series of viable vaccinations.

We were a nation which produced our own medications and didn’t rely on hostile countries for life saving prescriptions.

We were a country which could build an entire automobile and not be subject to massive layoffs for the lack of a chip bought from enemy countries.

Our military protected our borders and friendly allies and there was peace in the cities, drugs were not had on every street corner.

Woke culture did not exist and sellers of communistic and ultraliberal ideas were not even imagined.

We had rolling hills and fertile earth of the beautiful countryside with ever shifting seas of wheat and golden stalks of corn, bellows of the bovine and the thunder of horse hooves. Alas, not anymore.

Thank you Mr. Biden for open borders which are killing migrating children, Americans with illegal drugs, for gang members, and covid bearing aliens reinfecting our citizens. We pay illegals thousands of dollars with taxpayer funds while our cities burn at the hands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Thank you for the killing of our eagles and migrating waterfoul in their nesting areas and migratory routes while destroying our fertile farmlands with wind towers and solar panels. Thank the Democrats for selling our soul and dignity to Communist China.

Leslie J. Kubinski,



Once upon

a time …

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