Letter: Up to here with Jim Jordan

Once again Jim Jordan has made Ohioans proud.


Watching him assault Dr. Fauci with lies and assertions was comical. Jim Jordan, who do you represent?

The reason this virus has run amok in this country is because you supported a liar and a crook for the four years he was in office. There are more people who support Democratic ideas than your crazy off the wall assertions. John Boehner, while I did not agree with much of what he did, was right: You don’t build anything, you only tear it down. And the party you and Donald Trump destroyed is going to the ash heap faster than you can say “Right Wing Freedom Caucus.”

If you, or anyone, can name one bill , program or law that Republicans supported or introduced that helped the middle class I would like to hear it. As a middle class tax payer, I am tired of supporting welfare for the wealthy in the form of tax cuts. And I certainly object to my taxes paying for Jim Jordan’s salary. The man hates government and proudly shows us this every time he opens his mouth.

Sherri Eley,



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