Letter: Abortion is murder; it’s that simple

Dear Mr. President and Madam Speaker:

I am writing this open letter because confidence of your receiving my personal letters is the same as the Cavaliers winning the NBA, and your receipt by a foreword stands a slightly better chance.

Both of you have said that you are faithful Catholics. I became a Catholic 10 days after my 1940 birth, so I am quite aware of the Catholic teachings that you both received. Some of those include the sanctity of human life, the sole authority of God to make human life-or-death decisions, God’s sole authority to delegate such decisions, that “not all who say Lord Lord will enter heaven but only those who do the will of the Father,” that the will of the Father is summarized as “there is Faith, Hope and Love and Love is the greatest of these three,” and that we will be judged after death by what we have done as recorded in the “book of life.”

Intentionally killing another human is hate and evil and is doing the will of Satan, not “the will of the Father.” An unborn child is an individual human being, not a piece of a mother’s flesh, as proved by science (DNA), government (punishment of a person causing the death of an unborn child while harming the mother), and religion (“I knew you before you were born”). Thus, to support, promote, defend, and/or facilitate abortion is intentionally killing another human being, is hateful and evil and is doing the will of Satan.

Jesus said that one is either for Him or against him. Are you sure that you want to continue against Him?

James Powell,



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