Letter: Cooperation? Vote Swanson

Soon Lima will swear in a new mayor, the first time in 32 years.

We have four candidates. Each has strengths and weaknesses, not perfect, just like us. They are human.

Before you vote, examine their credentials.

One, came to Lima 15-plus years ago to be near family and immediately started working to make a better, stronger community. She was the director of CASA for Crime Victims Services, building the program from the ground up. Then she was the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Girl Scouts.

She then took a job as the neighborhood specialist with the City of Lima. She worked to implement and improve everything to do with Community programs…. Neighbors working together.

This candidate is Autumn Swanson. Her focus always has been on making a better community, by involving neighbors through cooperation and communication.

With a master’s degree in public administration and 20-plus years of varied work experience, she brings a full world of work experience.

Autumn is the candidate best suited to foster cooperative government. Communication and cooperation, between city and county, is critical. Autumn will work with our state legislative and congressional delegations to ensure that Lima gets its fair share of State and Federal funds.

Lima’s population, almost 54,000 in 1970, today is around 36,000.

Lima needs change, Autumn Swanson can make a positive change happen by using her community approach, her willingness and ability to work with County, State and Federal Legislators to improve cooperation, communication and our community.

Research, decide, vote with pride for our next mayor.

David O. Smith



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