Letter: Josh Hayes can unite city

I’ve never seen our country so divided. Republican/Democrat tensions are at an all time high. Racial tensions are on the rise as well. For Lima, we can’t control the country, but we can control our community.

As an Army veteran I was already a big fan of Josh Hayes because he also served in the Army. For us, that makes us brothers. As brothers we defend and love each other no matter what race, religion, or political affiliation we have as individuals.

Josh is the best candidate to unite our city. He’s not running under a political party which is what we need now more than ever. With Josh as mayor I see our city finally coming together and really starting to help each other out. Other candidates will just cause further divide and I’ve already seen it in Facebook comments.

Leadership and unity is what we need to succeed and stop this decision. Josh has the most invaluable leadership quality of all which is to inspire confidence. A confident city is one that works together, cleans together, and cares together. A confident city is one that stands together against the war on drugs. A confident city is one that marches together when there is racial injustice. A confident city is one that celebrates our emergency personnel that put their lives on the line for us. A confident city, is a united city.

Under Josh Hayes, united we stand.

Aaron C0mer



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