Letter: Autumn Swanson brings a plan

Autumn in nature transitions to a season of brightly colored leaves and bountiful harvests. It provides a time for reflection on the past.

Lima’s Autumn Swanson, like autumn in nature, will bring positive changes, not merely a continuation of the past. She has four areas of major concentration; however, I am focusing on one broad area, gentrification.

Autumn was a neighborhood specialist for the city of Lima for five years; therefore, she is very knowledgeable about specific needs of Lima residents. Her economic development plan will create neighborhood centers that meet specific needs of people living within the confines of each neighborhood center. Her plan will improve housing which, in turn, will attract new businesses, etc.

As in nature, she will turn up the heat when necessary. She is articulate, intelligent, and knowledgeable about the needs of Lima; most of all, she loves people; and, she will do a great job as the mayor of Lima. A vote for Autumn is a vote for positive change!

Dr. Patricia J. Freeman,


Retired ONU professor


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