Letter: Cridersville needs police protection

Imagine for a moment the feeling of uneasiness, uncertainty, and frustration with the following scenario: You called 911 to urgently request the assistance of a police officer! However, there is no officer on duty in your village! The call for help is dispatched to the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office. That department potentially may not arrive for what seems like a long period of time because of being involved with another call elsewhere in the county. By the time a deputy is able to arrive, the situation has escalated.

This is the reality of what could take place if Cridersville no longer has full-time police coverage. We would have no choice but to call on the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office to respond. That department’s workload and responsibility is already extensive. There may be only two deputies on duty to cover the entire county. Also, those deputies are only permitted to enforce state laws, not specific local ordinances.

Cridersville has become accustomed to the safety, security, and reassurance of knowing that a trained, dedicated, skilled police officer is nearby and able to respond in a timely manner. We should not take this sense of security and safety for granted. It is time to look ahead and be assured the village general fund contains adequate revenue to continue providing this full time police protection for our residents.

So, please be informed via the Cridersville Police Levy page on Facebook, or by obtaining an information pamphlet from the Cridersville Library.

Then, vote “yes” for the police levy on May 4.

Beverly Wood

Cridersville Police Levy-Citizens Committee


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