Letter: Thanks to the City of Lima

I live one block from Faurot Park in a great neighborhood, full of families and singles of all ages. Lots of young families moving in and remodeling older homes. Most everyone takes care of their property.

Over the last several years we have had one neighbor who stopped taking care of her yard. Several times neighbors have gone over and helped clean up the mess, but it would soon be a mess again. The family is now moving and in getting ready to leave the property, they piled a lot of junk in the front between the sidewalk and the curb and it stayed there for weeks.

Neighbors were obviously upset, not just with the pile of junk,but the danger it poses to children and pets. etc. I decided to call the city to get it cleaned up. I spoke with Amy Harpster and and a woman named Courtney (sorry don’t know last name). Within an hour a Rumpke truck arrived with two very nice guys, one named Glenn Morrisey, who had it cleaned in less than an hour.

Great customer service from the City of Lima. Thanks.

Mike Chartrand


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