Letter: Smith will fight for Lima

I, like many of you, read the article in The Lima News concerning the past history of Ms. Sharetta Smith. I, like some of you, was very impressed by her life story.

There is a saying, “Walk a mile in their shoes!” If you could do that, where would you be?

Here is a lady that went through many hard times. She has fought to get more than one college degree. She has fought the very common problem of very high college Loans. She has fought for her children, to care for them.

And look at her now. Not defeated! Not beat down! She has survived and prospered and is now asking for the right to fight for you.

She wants to fight for Lima. She wants to fight for the voters in Lima. She wants to fight for our future.

Only you (the voters of Lima) can hire her to do just that. And if her past progress is any indication of her future success — then I want her to fight for me and to fight for my hometown.

Vote for someone who knows how to make it through hard times. Vote for Sharetta Smith.

George H Haver



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