Letter: Sharetta Smith has delivered

I write today to voice my support for Sharetta Smith as Lima’s next mayor. For the past several years I have endeavored to make a positive impact on Lima’s housing and neighborhoods, through active private sector investment in new construction and the renovation of older homes. During that time, I have worked collaboratively with Ms. Smith, as part of the Berger administration, to identify opportunities and develop strategies to create better neighborhoods.

I have found Sharetta to be personable, engaged and very focused on the tasks at hand. She is candid in expressing her opinion yet is open to opposing views. She is passionate about addressing the problems facing her hometown.

There is no question that Lima faces significant challenges in the months and years to come, but it is equally true that since at least the 1950s there has never been as much development and capital investment as we have witnessed in the last few years. Lima is capable of so much more and is poised for significant change moving forward.

Lima will benefit greatly from the continuity of effort that Ms. Smith can offer, but even more so the community will benefit from her vision for making Lima a better community in the next few years. Her private sector experience, her education, and her life experience make her the right person at the right time for this important position.

Please consider Sharetta Smith when you vote this year. She is the right leader with a proven ability to continue building upon the many good things happening in our community.

Michael Blass

Russells Point


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