Letter: Sharetta Smith’s story an inspiration

Recent articles in The Lima News regarding mayoral candidate Sharetta Smith’s personal financial challenges seems to have given plenty of local folks the opportunity to be dismissive of her candidacy. Yet, tens of millions of Americans voted back in 2016 — and again in 2020 — for a presidential candidate mired in lawsuits and civil suits of all kinds, as well as business bankruptcies and failed businesses, expressing admiration for his “strong business sense.”

It seems that if one is an extremely wealthy white man in this country, mistakes of all kinds are instantly forgiven.

Sharetta Smith’s story — which she fully owns and takes responsibility for — is a story familiar to many, many working Americans trying to work their way out of either poverty or the precariousness of being working class — knowing you could be one or two missed paychecks from financial trouble.

Frankly, I find Ms. Smith to be an inspiration. I don’t know that I could’ve done what she has done. It takes an extraordinary person — and let’s face it, most of us are ordinary — to rise above incredibly difficult, challenging circumstances and create a better life for you and your children.

For her perseverance, authenticity, and honesty, Sharetta Smith has my respect. For her work/professional experience and the good she will do for the people of Lima, Sharetta Smith has my vote for mayor.

Margie Anich,



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