Letter: Sharetta Smith learned from the best

As we all know, Lima Mayor David Berger is retiring when his term ends in November. We will not have his “leadership” to follow anymore. Now what?

Well, let me answer that question for you! We can continue that “leadership” by voting for Sharetta Smith.

Sharetta Smith has worked both with and for David Berger for years. She knows his style and she knows his vision for Lima. He does not have a twin brother but we do have Sharetta Smith.

She will have many of her own ideas but she will have learned what is best for Lima from the longest serving mayor we have ever had. Over the years, Lima has grown and improved in many ways. This growth can continue with Sharetta Smith.

Look at Downtown Lima, look at the future of Lima. Look for a way to help Lima reach that future.

You can help with your vote for Sharetta Smith. And do vote!

Phyllis Coney



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