Letter: Shawnee needs police levy

All residents and business owners of Shawnee are keenly aware of the impact our Police Department has on the quality-of-life in the Township. Whether it’s a simple community service like school resource officers or directing traffic after a football game to the more serious issues of burglary, assault and even death; the Shawnee Township Police Department has always responded in prompt and professional fashion. In short, they have always been there when we’ve needed them.

Now the Shawnee Township Police Department needs Shawnee residents!

Through no fault of their own, they are facing a serious and unreconcilable budget shortfall. Because the most recent levy was allowed to expire without a renewal effort, our police department will soon lose over $650,000 — 58% of its operating budget.

It is not prudent to penalize our police officers for the nonfeasance of others. Equally, it is not smart to leave the community without much needed and utilized police services.

It has taken years of dedication to build the Shawnee Police Department into what it is today. Much of that work and momentum will be lost if funding is allowed to lapse.

Learn the facts about the upcoming Police Levy and please vote for the Shawnee Township Police Department on May 4th.

Keith Cunningham,

Shawnee Township


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