Letter: Tell the truth about diet

Wake up people!

The Lima News article from March 29 titled “Report details county response to pandemic” admits that due to the pandemic mandates there have been increased suicides, drug use and people with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Not one mention outside of vaccines in this article to bring hope for normalcy.

Where has the mass media public service announcements been, to combat the scourge of metabolic syndrome diseases?

Do you know according to the CDC the people who supposedly died of COVID had on average 2½ underlying conditions? Where is the massive campaign to address the poor diet of our people that has direct correlation to these underlying conditions? You say, well people have free choice, so we can’t mandate what people consume. But then you’ll mandate quarantines, business closures, small gatherings, masks, and social distancing?

I don’t buy it.

True we shouldn’t mandate at all. But we should tell the truth about the effects of good diet and the multiple effective early treatments such as budesonite, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine.

Bruce Painter,



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