Letter: DeWine right and public loses

When did the Ohio GOP lawmakers get their licenses to practice medicine? These elected representatives, being led by two people from the Lima area, are taking matters of the health of the citizens of Ohio into their own hands.

The State Health Board has made recommendations about what to do, and not to do, during the coronavirus pandemic, which have been agreed to by Gov. DeWine. Now the legislators have passed legislation that takes the ability to do what is in the best health interest of the people out of their hands and puts it into the hands of people not licensed to practice medicine, themselves. Gov. DeWine vetoed the bill, but the legislators think they know best and have overridden the veto.

When the legislators of this state see fit to put business interests above the health of the citizens, who do the citizens turn to for good advice on health?

And when citizens get sick and die because of bad advice from businesses, who do the businesses turn to for customers, to buy their goods or services?

Larry Donaldson,



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