Letter: Smith has experience

Lima is at a crossroads in the kind of path the city can take. We can move down a road of progress, a more transparent government, safer streets and neighborhoods, and economic prosperity and more jobs, or we can go down a path of regression and see this city not move in a way that will benefit all of our city and outlying townships, and villages.

The one person who can carry this out and execute a plan to work for Lima is Sharetta Smith. Sharetta chose to come back home to serve us as chief of staff to the current mayor, and now is willing to continue public service by representing all of us!

This is a chance for us to have a leader who will lead with a steady hand to make Lima better for all of us. When going to vote, chose the strongest candidate on this slate. Vote for the leader who has proven she is ready to lead. Vote for the person who actually has roots here and a higher calling to keep serving this great community.

Vote Sharetta Smith.

Dylan Gross, Lima


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