Letter: Pick a candidate you can trust

The people of Lima need a strong mayor for the time we live in. I do live in Lima unlike some of the people who respond to your editorials and others’ letters.

We need someone who is not highly strung, shy and immature, or easily moved by others. We need someone who will be strong and is knowledgeable about governing and understands the workings of the city and people. An article in The Lima News on Feb. 24 said “controversies of varying degrees surround three of the four candidates” and I wrote you that the fourth candidate also had court controversies; but you have never addressed them. It makes me feel the paper is biased.

Each Lima voter needs to examine the candidates’ credentials that would make them fit or unfit for the position. Can you trust the candidate to put Lima first and to get the right people to help them in that endeavor?

Pam Thaman,


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