Letter: Waiting for vaccine answers frustrating

One of the biggest problems with the coronavirus vaccine is not the scheduling. It is getting answers and making smart decisions. My wife was scheduled at the beginning of March for the first injection that she scheduled with a local pharmacy. The day prior to arriving for her appointment, she contacted the pharmacy because she wanted to make sure the second injection would not be scheduled the week prior to our grandson getting married. She didn’t want to take a chance she would have a negative reaction. She was told it would not be a problem.

The next day, she arrived for the appointment. Again she told them her concern. And again she was told it would be no problem. But after the injection, she was given a card and a date for the seccond shot. It was the day before the wedding. When she got home, she called the pharmacy to see if it could be changed to the next week. She was told that they had no way to make those changes.They offered no solution to her problem. I instructed her to cancel the appointment.

Now, there is no way to signup on their website (the only way to schedule) for a second shot or to assure that the second shot is the same supplier as the first. And no other avenue has been found to find a solution to the problem. She was even told by a health professional that she would have to go back to that pharmacy to get the second shot.

Roger Calvert,



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