Letter: A great team, a great hospital

Recently I became ill and had to go to Van Wert hospital. It reminded me of being at a baseball stadium. My seat was the best. I had an awesome view of Old Glory blowing hard in the wind as if she were saluting her soldiers in heaven who gave us our freedom.

The nurses at this awesome stadium called a good game in my fight against my illness. This stadium has two doctors — or pitchers as I’d like to think of them. One walks into my room. He was know as the only pitcher who could throw with either hand. He’s helping me keep in the game of life. Thank you Doctor George Trimble.

I am a “Doubting Thomas” and I had to see this stadium hospital up close before realizing the great care provided. I am now on the road to get back home. My stay was a few days. I was looking at Old Glory and thought of my favorite baseball team: the 1968 Detroit Tigers. Back then they played baseball during the day day. Then it hit me: Willie Horton comes to the plate as well as Al Kaline and my favorite, Dick McCauliffe. The Tigers have two good pitchers to help them win the World Series and Van Wert hospital has two awesome doctors.

Our hospital is No. 1.

Greg Hirzel,

Van Wert


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