Letter: Shawnee team made us proud

As a resident of Shawnee for more than 60 years and the mother of Shawnee graduates, I want to say congratulations and thank you to the young men and coaches of the Shawnee basketball team. I should say “teams” since last year’s team was certainly great but unable to finish the season due to the virus. That was, I’m sure, heartbreaking for them. It was even heartbreaking for all the Shawnee fans.

Thankfully, this year the team was given the opportunity to finish the season and they did it in grand style by becoming district and regional champions. I have never been able to understand why public school teams must vie with some private and parochial schools which can recruit from any area and pay thousands of dollars for that players school tuition. (I don’t believe LeBron James lived down the street from Akron St. Vincent St Mary!) Interesting, they’ve been state champions nine times.

Regardless, You are our champions and Shawnee couldn’t be prouder. You have given us so many hours of joy and excitement and we’ll miss you.

If you put into your future endeavors the work and dedication you have given your Shawnee team, you are all bound to

have successful futures.

Thank you again.

VaLaire Orchard,

Shawnee Township

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