Letter: Intentions good,guarantees better

It’s a good idea, the Birch Solar Farm.

It’s good when private property owners can choose what to do with their land.

It’s good for residents, especially taxpayers, to have an increase in local government revenues of more than $2.5 million annually.

It’s good that the pollutant load on the area watershed will be lowered by having fewer acres farmed and it’s good when farmers have additional options for making money from their land.

It’s good that flooding risks are likely to be lowered by reducing the number of acres under tillage.

It’s good that electricity will be flowing to the power grid from our own area, making our electric service less prone to disruption.

It’s good to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and produce energy without releasing carbon.

However, it is important for the community to join together to make a good idea better. The company has stated their intentions, certainly desirable, to use local labor, consult with neighbors, plant for pollinators, etc. … However, intentions are not guarantees. As a community we need an agreement with the company that will create a better, enforceable deal.

How about using solar panels and racking systems produced right here in Ohio? I applaud our county commissioners who, as reported on LimaOhio.com on Feb. 16, are studying the PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes) offered by the company to ensure our community maximizes benefits from this project.

This is the kind of leadership and effort that are required to get the best outcome from a good idea.

Michael Wildermuth

Shawnee Township


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