Letter: Taking orders from Uncle Sam?

President Biden, a man surrounded by razor wire, spoke to the nation about what must happen in order for Americans to do things we’ve enjoyed for decades.We may be allowed to gather with family, we may be allowed to celebrate Independence Day in small groups, we may be allowed to show our bare faces.

The notion of the government “allowing” citizens to live freely should shake every American awake. We must stand our ground against government leaders promoting a dystopian society.

Are you okay with government agencies manipulating data to support their control? Are you OK with censorship of data that contradicts government narratives? Are you OK with your tax dollars being spent on emotional propaganda that ultimately influences blind masses to follow tyrannical orders?

Through censorship, the word “truth” is being redefined daily to mean only that which supports the government narrative. You would expect that in China or North Korea, but it is here, now, in the United States. The emotional appeal that is keeping many people in fear of living life must stop. Our children are being taught to follow orders that go unchecked. It’s time to stand up and reject the medical tyranny being waged to transform the United States of America.

Stop waiting for permission from the government to live. Seek out smart followers of science who have no power agenda.

We have nothing to lose by allowing ourselves to question why we are being discouraged from questioning our government.

Linda Bishop


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