What are theytrying to hide?

Well, we can all now see the Democrat strategy to keep themselves in power forever. Joe Biden’s invitation to come on up during his Campaign, and the total dismantling of the Trump Border and Immigration Policy, is turning unrestrained illegal immigration into a vast group of potential Democrat Voters.

Nevermind that COVID positive illegals are being released into the interior of our country.

Nevermind that we are spending millions on housing and care for people who are illegally violating our borders.

Nevermind that the Administration refuses to admit that there is a true Crisis which they manufactured, instead they blame the Trump Administration which at least had put a cap on wholesale Illegal Immigration.

Now the Administration is not allowing access to the detention centers near the border and as far north as Dallas, Texas. What are they trying to hide?

We are being led by a senile political hack and his morally compromised vice president straight to National Suicide. Obama once said that elections have consequences, I can add to that by saying that “Stolen Elections Have Deadly Consequences”.

I truly fear for the future of our country.

Kenneth E. Harris


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