Letter: No shame in our discussion

Yesterday I went to donate blood. The sweet young lady going through my information was training, and she was phenomenal!

I noticed that she had a tattoo on her wrist. I asked and she said it was the chemical symbol for serotonin. I immediately knew. … I asked and she confirmed she too was bipolar. Even the wonderful young lady training/evaluating her said she too was bipolar. It is so comforting how openly we could discuss our diagnosis and how they too have experienced loss in their lives from suicide. There was no shame in our discussion.

It is amazing to know how far we have come as a society. Yes we have further to go. But when those who have a mental illness choose to take their medication and seek help, we all live normal lives. Whatever normal is! God bless these sweet ladies and the American Red Cross for supporting them!

Nikki Morris,



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