Letter: College hazing, bullying & death

The Ohio Legislative Branch, which serves as the voice of the people, appears to be lacking in its representation. A BGSU student from Delaware County, Ohio, died March 5, 2021,

After an alleged hazing incident left him on life support. Stone Foltz, 20, was hospitalized early Friday after an incident at the BGSU chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity. BGSU officials have since stripped the fraternity of its status as a student organization this weekend following reports of the incident.

Nov.12, 2018, a freshman at Ohio University from Dublin, died. The Columbus Dispatch spent months investigating hazing & bullyingon College campuses and other areas of society, in addition, months were spent investigating Wiant’s death. There was a Bill named after Collin Wiant,

Collin’s Law passes through the Ohio House, increasing penalties for hazing , bullying. Anti-hazing, bullying Bill Collin’s Law stalls in Ohio Senate Education Committee. The bill would’ve increased the criminal penalties for hazing, which in Ohio is now a fourth-degree misdemeanor, comparable to not paying a parking ticket. (Paraphrased) shendrix@dispatch.com

Carole Daley,



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