Letter: Tired of fighting OPERS

This is about how OPERS board members decide what is best for an above knee amputee. I have received disability payments for five years, and now I am not qualified for monthly payments because they think I can go to work eight hours a day in a sit down office job.

I now have no income and my savings is almost gone. I worked in construction all my life. I’m almost 65 and have no experience in office work. I paid into OPERS for 10½ years as a plumbing inspector. I lost my job after I lost my leg.

I was told I was no longer eligible for disability in February 2020 with no explanation. I filed an appeal and they said I had to see their doctor which I did. Then they denied me again. They told me to get a job or retire, or take a buy- out.

I ask for the medical reports, but they told me I could not have them. They are my personal medical reports I should be able to have my health records. It is impossible for me to get a job with blood clots in my good leg, nerve pain so bad in the middle of the day I have to elevate my leg.

I’m tired of fighting with the OPERS organization.

Keith Geiger



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