Letter: Crickets on taxing the wealthy

One of the major tenants of the entire Biden/Harris campaign was to end the Trump tax cuts. In fact, according to Bloomberg, he said he would end the tax cuts as soon as he was inaugurated. Now, 52 executive orders later, including killing Title IX for women’s athletics and putting us on a course to once again depending on foreign oil instead of energy independence, crickets on taxing the wealthy.

Of the 1.5 billion received by the Biden campaign in contributions, according to Forbes, 230 billionaires and or their spouses gave to the campaign. Billionaires from the top three sectors were Finance (Wall Street), Technology (Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc.) and Media and Entertainment (Hollywood, Mainstream Media).

When will Biden increase taxes on the wealthy? Don’t hold your breath. Just like Biden lied about receiving a $2,000 check “immediately” when campaigning in Georgia, we “deplorables” will have to settle for $1,400 and like it.

The current $1.9 trillion covid 19 stimulus bill before the Senate is a totally unfunded mandate spread over 10 years. Once again the middle class will have that liability over our kids and grand kids heads.

Craig Nichols



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