Letter: Who’s for the people?

Now all of America knows who really cares about the people of this country. Numerous economists have said our economy needed a boost to help the millions of people still out of work due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. One political party showed they truly empathize with the people who have lost their jobs and cannot feed, clothe and house their families.

The Democratic Party did the right thing, while the Republican Party sat on their hands while clutching their pearls (a major feat in and of itself) and complained about the cost of the needed assistance, and gave not a single vote to help the citizens they were elected to represent.

There was no such complaining in 2017 when the pachyderm party and immediate past president signed a tax cut, for the same amount of money as the current bill, that overwhelmingly helped the rich and corporations, at the expense of the middle class and working families. The Democrats have their faults, but at least they care about their constituents and aren’t trying to destroy our republic by turning a blind eye to riotous insurrection and/or participating in total legislative obstructionism.

The current assistance is exactly what government is meant to do. In times of economic crisis, the federal government is set up to assist the states that don’t have the wherewithal to help their citizens. The pouting, self-proclaimed victimized conservatives only complain about big government when it helps people who don’t happen to be their monied benefactors proving, yet again, they don’t have an empathetic gene in their entire physical makeup.

Larry Donaldson,



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