Letter: Lost in the fun of growing old

I seem to be good at strange things. I am at the age where I am good at losing things. Not “real” good at finding things, anymore.

Example: Two weeks ago I lost one of my face masks. I found it yesterday in my coat pocket. My winter coat has 4 pockets and I seem to have looked in three of them. I’m guessing here.

Losing and finding is almost like a game now. Hey, I am old. What else do we have for entertainment when we are old. Oh yes, licking envelops and paying bills. Now there is an afternoon of laughter.

Losing things is a general activity. Lost phone (often), lost glasses, lost comb, etc. … Now how in the world did my comb make it out to the garage? I don’t even have a mirror out there.

I think there are “Devil Elves” around and they hide things for me to find. Well, the joke is on them.

When I find things, especially if it is a two- in-one day find, I just laugh and laugh.

You youngins — just you wait. You will get old and have all this fun too. Best part is that it is all for free. Can’t beat that in 2021!

George H Haver



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