Letter: Nothing funny about fake order

I recently witnessed a most despicable act. I had gone to a local Wapak fast-food restaurant to pick up food for lunch. Everybody knows that at noon on a weekend the drive-thru area of all restaurants will be very busy. The driver of the pick-up truck in front of me waited in line while the line slowly crept forward. He finally arrived at the ordering station and wasn’t there very long before he drove off. I thought maybe he had asked for something they didn’t have. I pulled forward and gave my order and proceeded to wait to get to the pick-up window.

When I got to the window the employee told me my bill was over $21. I had to inform him that my bill was $6.27 and that the other driver had driven off. He had waited until he placed his order and then immediately pulled out of line. He probably went away laughing at what he had done. He would get even with the restaurant for wasting his time waiting in line. That would show them.

What an idiot! Restaurants are having a hard enough time coping with the crisis. I hope the restaurant has security cameras to pick up his license plate number. Defrauding an innkeeper is a serious offence.

This person will probably brag about his action. If you hear him, remind him that he still owes about $22 to the restaurant for the food they had to throw away.

Paul F. Janning



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