Letter: Leonard Pitts is misguided

Leonard … Leonard … Leonard Pitts Jr. “There you go again,” as said by one of our greatest presidents.

You along with many of us and our founders lament the two party system.

Why then are you blindly loyal to the party that:

• Encourages unborn babies be killed in the name of reproductive rights? Hippocratic oath: “first do no harm.”

• Opposes border enforcement, denying entrance to illegals. Catch and release?

• Opposes tax cuts to working class families.

• Impeaches a president with no evidence — twice.

• Limits use of our own resources by purchasing oil from unfriendly nations - resulting in many lost jobs and much higher prices.

• Re-engages in foreign alliances that diminish, rather than make, America great again.

• Signs over 50 executive orders by a president who stated, “We are not a dictatorship.”

I wish you would rely on facts and not blind loyalty to the Democratic Socialist Party.

You say Trump supporters are “so savishly devoted to one man that we’ll abandon family, conscience and county.” “The danger the founding fathers foresaw has come to chilling fruition in the moral rot of the GOP,” and “These people are a clear and present danger.” “The reason is simple. They believe in Donald Trump, which means they do not believe in America.”

“One wonders if they ever really did.”

Really, Leonard!

Your columns are a result of your misguided thinking and your blind loyalty. Humorous is your assertion that Democrats walk a high road.

You are an excellent wordsmith and your intellect is very apparent. I respect your Pulitizer Prize.

I pray you will one day say, “Once I was blind, but now I see.”

Make America Great Again!

Larry Esmonde,



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