Letter: Rob Portman let us down

I am an evangelical Christian who votes as an independent. We live in a complex world without perfection, so I try to be fair with others as I would be fair to myself.

Give that background, I regret that I need to offer severe criticism for our Ohio Senator Portman who voted to acquit the former President.

Republicans like you, Senator Portman, did not fulfill your responsibility as impartial jurors. You chose party over our democratic system of government. You empowered the incitement to lawlessness and violence that the former president practiced repeatedly. He encouraged the insurrectionist attitudes and behavior many times before sending his supporters to the Capitol building on Jan. 6 to disrupt the electoral vote confirmation. That disruption fit Trump’s consistent effort to overturn legitimate election results that were verified multiple times in states and in the courts, including the Supreme Court.

Your actions, and those of other Republicans, enabled Donald Trump’s wrongdoing. It is a stain on your record, your party and our shared democracy.

I pray our governmental systems will be protected from the consequences of the destruction wrought on our nation by Trump and his enablers—a group which, unfortunately Senator Portman, includes you.

Margaret Cullen,



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