Letter: Snow heroes much appreciated

We seem to get more snow than anyone else on the block as our house is higher up. I am 90 and I called 911 after the big snowstorm because we were blocked in. My daughter broke the handle on our shovel. We needed help and they were sending a deputy out. Meanwhile, my neighbor Allen Carroll came over with his snow blower. Many thanks to Allen and the sheriff.

Mrs. Ellie Wollenhaught,


To our snow angels, Mike and Matt Triplehorn! What great neighbors for plowing our sidewalks and driveways and not asking for anything in return! They are truly our heroes!

Sue Hoberhour,


A special thanks to our “Snow Buster” neighbor Denny Beckstedt. Thank you for cleaning the entire lane and individual driveways in the “Hull Flynn Buzard Beckstedt Forest”!

Roger Buzard



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