Letter: Lima needs big change

Finally, we are getting a new mayor. But nobody is taking it seriously. After 32 years of David Berger, Lima is one of the “worst,” “poorest” and “most dangerous” cities in Ohio. (multiple studies have been compiled). With that in mind, a vote for Sharetta Smith, Lima’s chief of staff, would guarantee a continuation of this trend. Not good! And the other 3 candidates are know-nothings, campaigning on fuzzy, feel-good topics. It’s obvious that none of the candidates running are capable of leading the city. Therefore, the only reasonable vote is “none of the above.”

But that creates a serious quagmire. Why? Because thousands of people depend on smart representation from the mayor.

So, how do we fix this? My suggestion is for the people of the county to declare an emergency, and appoint a manager or management company to replace the mayor and supersede the city council. Then, and only then, will this scourge called Lima rise out of its malaise. And don’t tell me they have no jurisdiction, Lima is the county seat, it’s not autonomous.

Ned Bushong,



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