Letter: Downtown ice rink also a good idea

In response to Jim Krumel’s column about Downtown Lima’s wish for Lima City Council to approve a DORA for downtown Lima, I hope it gets OK’d. Anything to help bring in people and business to downtown would be great.

As far as Jim’s comment, “It sure beats the idea pitched way-back-when of building an indoor ice rink to attract the multitudes. Remember that one? If not, don’t worry. It’s best forgotten.” Hey Jim, the ice arena would of been great for the city. Oh you probably don’t like hockey or figure skating. That would have been great to get boys and girls — Yes, girls play hockey also.

We use to have a lot of schools that played at Pan Reck ice arena. An ice rink Downtown could bring in all kinds of business to downtown: car shows, concerts, swap meets an I could go on. Also, think of how many kids and adults would skate during open skating. The rink use to be very busy with open skating. There’s not to much for the kids in Lima to do after school. It would still be great to have a downtown ice rink. It would keep kids out of trouble and have a lot of fun.

I’m just sayin’ it’s a good idea, too.

Mark Thiesing,



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