Letter: Was Trump worth it?

It is pathetically sad that 43 Senators decided to throw out their Constitutional Oath and put their total allegiance with a single individual instead of to their country and our Constitutional Republic.

Their lame excuses range from “…the former president’s words are not impeachable…” to “…the left has been out to get the former president since before he was elected… .” When one analyzes these excuses, they hold water about as well as a sieve.

One would think, from their pitiful reasoning, that the former president is as innocent as a newborn and, through crocodile tears, should be apologized to for being treated so unfairly. Give those of us with common sense a break.

With all the digital audio and video of the former president inciting violence at his “Nuremberg Rallies” going back to the early 2016 Campaign, it is painfully obvious that the hate-provoking president was enflaming and rabble-rousing his crowds into a prolonged 5-year violent frenzy.

This poor-loser’s words and actions culminated with his Jan. 6th rally where he continued to repeat the “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him and these words ultimately resulted in inciting an anarchist mob to destroy property and cause serious injuries and death at the U.S. Capitol.

The former president’s lie that he would be with the crowd at the Capitol should have foretold how he would treat the people that did his dirty work. Once the leaders of the crowd were arrested, he forgot about them just like he’s already forgotten about the 75 million people who have supported him. Was it worth destroying our democracy for an autocratic dictatorial wannabe?

Larry Donaldson



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