Letter: The other side of student debt

Two editorials in The Lima News on student loan forgiveness mentioned the great amount of debt that has occurred, but both lack an explanation of why students have a $100,000 debt and where the money was really spent. Student loans are given directly to students. They can use them for tuition, books, living expenses, beer parties, tattoos and spring break.

There are many ways to pay for college, one being getting a job, some jobs even provide scholarships. Working hard in high school to earn scholarships; staying at home and going to a local college or joining the military.

There is a better solution for student debt then just forgiving it. The interest rate should be reduced to 3% and not occur until after graduation or when a student leave college. There should be a job responsibility with each loan. The loan should go directly to the college to pay for tuition, not every living expense should be covered. The loan should be limited to the amount of a state college. If you think you can get a better education at a private college then your future job should be able to pay for that investment.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask your congressman: Those students that were responsible and have paid off their debt/education will they get a refund on their education? Parents/grandparents that have paid for their children’s educations will they get reimbursed? Those students that did not go to college because they were afraid of the debt, will they get extra money? Those that have joined the military and have years to serve will those years be forgiven.

If we continue to reward irresponsibility, we will create a bigger generation of irresponsible adults.

Dixie Durkee

St. Marys

(3 adult children with 2-8 year college degrees and student debt free)


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