Letter: Is The Lima News following the footsteps of CNN?

About 80% of the Opinion page in the Feb. 10 issue of The Lima News was dedicated to hit pieces on our former president, including the cartoon.

The reprint from the South Florida Sun Sentinel even compares the impeachment hoax to the trial of the murderers of Emmett Till, and goes on to add a reference to lynchings. I know the left has become completely insane with their effort to destroy our former president, but this sets a new low in yellow journalism.

Please note the Chief Justice of the United States has declined to preside over this Kangaroo Court. In his opinion, the proceedings are unconstitutional. I will accept the opinion of the chief justice over those of the Sun Sentinel.

I truly wonder if The Lima News editorial staff remembers the area they serve voted overwhelming for President Trump? A majority of folks in our area still support President Trump. A drive through our area will indicate this support by the number of Trump signs and flags that are still flying months after the questionable results of the November election.

Personally I believe the election was stolen and will do great damage to our country.

One only has to see the results of Joe Biden’s stream of executive orders causing unemployment and a surge of illegal immigration at our borders as the Democrats attempt to import potential voters. The reinstatement of the Catch And Release policy will insure that criminal illegal aliens are released to our cities and small towns.

These policies were part of the Biden campaign, over 73 million voted against him, the only way he could have won was by fraud.

Kenneth E. Harris,


Does The Lima News now agree with CNN and the other alphabet networks that fraud and the stolen election can no longer be discussed?


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